Deep Sea Delicacy!

Give me a 2lb lobster at The Pointe and a bottle of 2013 Truro Vineyards Estate Chardonnay and I’ll be a happy camper on any given Cape Cod summer evening. Steamed to perfection, served with a garlic drawn butter, corn on the cob, and paired with a perfect wine nothing could be better….or could it? Here in New England there are just about as many opinions as there are recipes on the topic of cooking and enjoying a lobster. Boiled, grilled, chilled and tossed in a salad, tossed in a soup…the list goes on and on. Well, enough of the predictable, here are some of my favorite lobster creations that can actually be found on menu.

1) Lobster Lo’Maine – Created by Chef Shanna Katherine Horner O’Hea, this creative twist on a traditional Cantonese Lo Mein noodle dish features chilled noodles, a sambal oelek chili sauce, crispy pork belly, fresh lobster and a white miso dressing. It’s so good, it won her the Maine Lobster Chef of Year in 2013 and dish can still be found on menu at her restaurant Academe Maine Brasserie and Tavern.

2) Lobster Doughnut – Quite possibly the holy grail of lobster culinary creations brought to light by none other than Portland, ME’s Holy Donut owner Leigh Kellis. It’s a potato-based doughnut with a few herbs and lots of lobster meat that is fried to a golden perfection. Leigh makes some killer doughnuts but this one should replace that pine tree they’ve got on their state flag.

3) Lobster Ice Cream -Yes, it’s the read deal and has been on the menu at Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor, Maine and Falmouth (here on the Cape) since 1988! This buttery vanilla creation is filled with chunks of real lobster meat and is surprisingly so good that you won’t share any.