At The Pointe, providing locally harvested fare is a priority for our menu and our customers.  ‘Local’ for us means highlighting Provincetown-centric food products, whenever we can. For certain ingredients, this is more of a challenge (no cattle farms in Provincetown, for example) and we do have to expand our scope to encompass Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and the New England region to source the best fresh produce, dairy and meat.


Thankfully for fresh fish and seafood (which are the stars of our menu anyways), shopping local is a no-brainer. We source all of our seafood from Cape Tip Seafoods, one of the Cape’s most respected wholesalers, located right here in Provincetown. Owner Chris King is a fourth generation Ptown native. He and his family have run a successful fishing business since the 1990s. King spends 10 months a year fishing local waters on the fishing vessel ‘Donna Marie,’ bringing in cod, flounder, and his trademarked specialty, Provincetown Day Boat Scallops.  Wanna see the ‘Donna Marie’ in action?  They’ve got some great videos online.


King works with a team of Cape Cod fishermen to offer halibut, Wellfleet oysters, Chatham steamers, haddock, cod, flounder, and lobster—all sourced from local waters. Small-scale Cape fishermen have always faced an uphill struggle as they compete against industrial-scale fishing operations and we’re glad to support the little guys. We are little guys ourselves, after all.


Partnering with King and his fleet makes sense for multiple reasons. Most importantly, we get the freshest, high quality Cape Cod seafood. From boat to table in the same day. That’s simply impossible to do with large-scale fishing operations. The difference is easy to discern. It’s all there, coming hot and steaming out of our kitchen every evening. I’m hungry just thinking about that lobster gnocchi, aren’t you?!