Here at The Pointe, our menu takes advantage of the fact that Ptown is an Oceanside destination.  There’s fish, fish, and more fish (there are veggie and land options too)!  I mean really, that’s one of the reasons you are coming to Cape Cod anyways, right?  To delight in the bounty of the sea!


Cape Codders are proud of our shellfish.  Rightly so.  These fisheries are thriving.  Many are the most sustainable you’ll find today.  Shellfish also perform a useful filtering function, cleaning our marshes and estuaries of a lot of the man produced junk that ends up in there.  And they are delicious!  Pretty amazing creatures, all in all.  Here are three of the shellfish that we feature on our menu:


Bay Scallops

I’ve written about scallops before (you can read it here).  Growing up, they were one of my favorites and still are.  They just melt in your mouth!  We offer scallops as both an appetizer and an entrée and we keep the preparation simple with a straight up pan sear.  It really is the best way to enjoy these sweet little babies.  Fall is the season for Bay Scallops.  It is a fishery that is done the old fashioned way, in small boats (around 20 feet) that go out for the day.  The fishermen generally shuck the scallops by hand, themselves.



Mussels are one of the last wild shellfish fisheries on Cape Cod (many others are supplemented with seed stock).  Their abundance goes in cycles and when it’s an off year, Cape restaurants switch to Prince Edward Island farmed mussels.  But the taste of the wild ones is far superior.  As is the case with most wild foods, they are also nutritious, providing zinc, iron, Vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids.  We serve our mussels with a beautiful Meuniere sauce.



Quahogs, cherrystones, little necks, steamers, razor clams¾just a few of the varieties of clams¾each with its own distinctive personality and use.  With so many choices, you can tell we love them here on Cape Cod.  Clamming is a popular activity on Cape Cod and some folks do it themselves, going out at low tide, digging and raking in the sand.  It’s backbreaking work but well worth the reward¾the ultimate sea to table treat.  We feature clams (quahogs to be exact) in the quintessential Cape Cod way: chowder.  As summer turns to fall, it is the perfect way to warm the belly and the soul.


If you want to learn more about Cape Cod seafood offerings, check out the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance.  A great organization supporting local fishermen.  Don’t miss their recipes.  The scallop BLT pizza is delish!


Also, if you missed it, check out this article in the Cape Cod Times featuring our Executive Chef, Robin Haas, and one of his favorite recipes: Sautéed Halibut.