Offering a menu full of fresh, local ingredients is a central part of what we do here at The Pointe Restaurant.  We want our guests to get a real taste of Cape Cod when they visit (I’m guessing the guests want that too, so its a win-win).  Cape Cod is, in its heart—and its name—all about the seafood.  And we don’t mess around on that score.  We get all of our ocean fare from Cape Tip Seafoods, a wholesale fish market based in Provincetown, owned by 4th generation Ptown guy Chris King.  His business is based on the idea of bringing fresh seafood from local boats to consumers either via restaurants or directly.


One of King’s signature products are his Dayboat Sea Scallops and we feature these on our menu as both an entree and appetizer.  June and July through early Fall are high season for these precious little babies, so now is the time!  The best thing about scallops is the ease with which they can be prepared, provided you know what you’re doing.  If you can’t get in to try our scallops, stop by a fish market, pick up your own and cook them yourself.


Here’s a super simple way to prepare them (recipe adapted from Damn Delicious).  Melt some butter on medium high heat (1 TBSP is usually enough) in a large skillet (12 inches is awesome).  Some people remove the small muscle on the scallop.  I don’t.  Place each scallop in the pan and give them some room.  Cook for maybe 1-2 minutes per side, 3-4 minutes total.  You DO NOT want to overcook them.  They should be nicely browned and should pop from the pan easily.  You can season with a little salt and pepper.  For a finishing touch, melt some more butter in the now-empty pan, add a splash of lemon juice and some fresh garlic–this makes a delightful sauce, although honestly, the scallops are sweet as candy just as they are.  Top it all off with some fresh parsley and serve perhaps with a side of risotto (as we do) and/or a salad of fresh greens.  Oh, and don’t forget the wine!