Every summer as tourist season hits, my husband and I have a tradition: we go out for a lobster roll.  As an authentic Cape Codder (born in Cape Cod Hospital, lived on Cape Cod all his life, worked on a lobster boat in high school…you get the idea), my handy dandy husband has strong opinions about what goes into a perfect lobster roll (lots of meat, less mayo, quality bread), how fish and shellfish should be prepared (with minimal interference) and whether or not your chowder should be creamy (no, would be his answer).


At The Pointe, lobster is one of our specialties.  If you visit, you can’t miss the giant tank full of them in the restaurant lobby.  Needless to say, we don’t mess around.  In fact, we are one of only two spots in Ptown where you can get freshly steamed local lobster¾and the only place where you can enjoy it along with an award-winning wine list designed to complement the dish.  Looking for a taste of this Cape Cod specialty?  You have come to the right place.  Here’s a little preview of the lobster-tastic items on our menu.



Our signature dish is a two-pound steamed lobster served fresh—literally—from the sea to our tank in the lobby area to your table.  We prepare it simply, as the locals would, in the shell with drawn butter and corn on the cob.  Wary about dealing with the shell?  Don’t worry, our chefs do the hard work for you¾each part of the lobster shell is cut or broken ahead of time so that the meat is easy to remove.



Looking for a dish where the lobster meat is a star but not the entire ensemble?  One of our other tried and true menu favs is our poached lobster and chive gnocchi.  As is the case with all of our dishes, this one is entirely made from scratch on the premises.  Think local lobster, a gentle pungency courtesy of the chives, fluffy gnocchi, and a fresh lobster butter sauce.  When’s lunch?  I’m hungry.



Lastly, our lobster ravioli is gourmet comfort food, rich and satisfying in that way that only homemade pasta and bright tomato butter sauce can be. Topped with hunks of steamed lobster meat?  Yes, please!