With over 125 different wines to choose from and a few thousand bottles in stock, we pride ourselves on offering a distinctive wine experience along with our award-winning culinary creations.  Wine Program Director Thomas J. Walter and Sommelier Jaime Raskulinecz collaborate to keep our wine list in tip top shape, changing it frequently to reflect changes in menu, season, availability, etc.


Today, I’m highlighting a few of the Argentinian wines you’ll find on our list.  Argentina is a giant in the wine market, currently ranked fifth in the world for wine production.  Argentinian wines offer plenty of variety and style, along with good value.  These three below are popular, classic options.  They are fun, easy to drink wines bursting with versatility¾so they compliment our dinner menu well.


2014 Alamos Malbec

Mendoza, Argentina

Malbec is THE grape that put Argentina on the winemaking map.  Transplanted from the Bordeaux regions of France, Argentinian Malbec grapes tend to grow riper, fruitier, and fleshier than the French originals.  This popular wine is a classic Argentine Malbec.  It’s smooth and easy to drink with a medium body, juicy, fruity notes, and a dry and slightly spicy finish.  I love a glass alongside our Grass-fed Burger (with bacon!) and a generous pile of hand cut fries.


2014 Crios De Susana Balbo Torrontés

Valle De Cafayate, Argentina

Almost exclusively grown in Argentina, the Torrontés is a fun little white grape, yielding fresh, aromatic and easy to drink whites.  Susana Balbo’s fruity and herbal Torrontés is like pure fruit with a nice balance of acidity and sweetness.  I love it paired with any of our seafood and shellfish apps, but particularly the smoked fish dip.


2014 Crios De Susana Balbo Malbec

Mendoza, Argentina

This deep red Malbec is so easy to drink and fits with a variety of foods.  It’s a delightful mix of fruit and spice.  When I go for the steak frites or the filet mignon, I also go for a bottle of this Malbec from Susana Balbo.