We love teaming up with fellow Outer Cape small businesses—if nothing else, it’s fun and the shared audience is a win-win for everyone.  With our commitment and love for great wine, a collab with Truro Vineyards is a no-brainer and we team up with them for a few special dinners every year.


We highlight two Truro Vineyard wines on our wine list.  The Cabernet Franc is one of Truro Vineyards best and pairs easily with the beef entrees on our menu including the Filet Mignon and the Steak Frites.  Truro Vineyards Chardonnay is a great match for all of the seafood on our menu.


At just over 25 years old, Truro Vineyards is the only vinifera vineyard in our region. Turns out that salty air, sandy soil and our temperate climate are perfect for producing flavorful, distinctive grapes and Truro Vineyards produces over a dozen varietals every year, using a mix of estate-grown grapes and others sourced from vineyards in Massachusetts, New York, and California.  The business is a family-run operation, owned by the Roberts family since the mid-2000s.  They have recently expanded with South Hollow Spirits, the Cape’s first distillery (since Prohibition anyways), crafting small-batch gin and rum.


One of the central themes of Truro Vineyards is a commitment to sustainable vineyard management practices.  The facilities are energy efficient and use recycled materials whenever possible.  All organic matter is composted.  This philosophy translates to South Hollow Spirits as well, where the spirits are made of locally source ingredients and are free of artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors.


Located a stone’s throw from the ocean (ok, a little more than that), the 5-acre vineyard is just up the road from Provincetown and makes a fun day trip for tastings and a tour (they’re open 7 days a week so take your pick!).  It’s a picturesque spot, thanks to the white clapboard 1813 farmhouse and the 4 acres of planted grapes.  Definitely worth a stop whether you are a serious wine drinker or just looking for something different to do.